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STUDIO ANOUKB creates conceptual brands and bespoke decors for clients that range from fashion, lifestyle, beauty and interior brands to hotels, houses, offices and boutiques.



It’s part of the studio’s ultimate goal to reinvent the way people interact with a brand or interior style.



By relating signature style to the context of the DNA of a brand or person STUDIO ANOUKB creates style concepts that surpass all expectations.


We offer valuable input during (re) branding and (re) decoration processes and encourage our clients to use their imagination and  to create relevant new ways of thinking.



The past years have led to a project list containing style and decor projects in the Netherlands and abroad such as LA MAISON PERNOISE, VT WONEN, ELLE DECORATION, EST LIVING, VOGUE LIVING, DESIGN FAIR NORWAY, GRAY LABEL, BAUWERK COLOUR, YAYA, ANECDOTE, COULEUR LOCALE, LOFTLOFT, WE ARE WOW MAKERS.