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‘The STUDIO ANOUKB signature style, 20 years of experience and intuitive working makes Anouk a well known style setter. Her work is not mainstream or about following trends, Anouk instinctively knows what comes next so she is able to create new  style stories .’


‘When Anouk does her magic, I promise you your brand, or interior, will transform into a better version than you imagine, let Anouk free in whatever she does for your company or private residence and you will reap the benefits.’


‘Seekers of magazine worthy private and commercial spaces should meet Anouk and book at least one of her inspiring style consults. She pushed our brand to the next style level and designed our first flagship store, which became the first of more. Don’t let her petit, feminine looks set you on the wrong page, Anouk is a powerful woman with a strong, intuitive vision. She seems to tune in on who you want to be, which is, abracadabra, always spot on. Anouk writes “the  book” that brings you from good to great.’


 ‘After my divorce I bought a new house and decorated it with attention for aesthetics. The fact that my ex is much more talented in creating a modern day interior that feels relaxed, I felt not satisfied about my own result. When a friend mentioned Anouk, I knew instinctively that Anouk’s style consult could be the first step to what I really wanted. I asked Anouk to re-decorate and style my whole home. I didn’t gave her do’s and don’ts, and therein, I guess, lies her magic.
Anouk’s creative ideas, eye for modern timeless style and quality in remarkable details is eye catching. When friends, family and dates now “hooray” my home, it gives me a shot of pride. Anouk is my little big hero.’