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WE ARE WOW MAKERS is a natural paint brand, founded by Studio AnoukB created to easily give walls, built-in benches and shelves a timeless yet modern stucco look.


Our seven paint colours are unique, every colour is a Holiday memory, created by Anouk and her daughter Dot.



The WOW paint recipe is 100% custom made, in collaboration with a well known Dutch paint factory.



Paint, colour cards and packaging are made with love for the planet.



We are proud and happy WE ARE WOW MAKERS has become what we truly wished for, a look a like stucco.



WE ARE WOW MAKERS can be painted over plasterboard, MDF and (un)painted walls.



Due to the thickness and texture of our paint, it’s possible to save costs on plastering.



Why we have developed a paint brand? Because we believe that a harmonious space is the foundation for feeling good. Painting is one of the easiest ways to positively change the atmosphere in a room and everyone can do it. Grab your old jeans, a sweet funny friend or a fresh sexy date and enjoy painting!



Are you a shop owner and interested in a new WOW brand to add to your collection?



Please kindly contact us through our contact link in the menu.