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STUDIO ANOUKB knows from experience that visual harmony leads to inner balance and growth, it’s the main reason why we are creators of zen interior, brand and style identities. The aim of STUDIO ANOUKB is to be valuable in the process of taking new and established brands from good to great. In addition to this, we create and decorate both private and commercial interiors. A Sunday state of spirit, where you enjoy time without the clock, where you inspire yourself and feel energized, this is the vibe within our creations. With 20 years of experience in creating and producing visual styles for commercial brands, including copywriting, interior design and trend forecasting for clients such as EST LIVING, VOGUE LIVING, GRAY LABEL, BAUWERK COLOUR, YAYA, COULEUR LOCALE…and more…Anouk never makes a copy-paste of what she realized before, she always comes up with new communication and style directions, suitable for her clients and their projects.




‘Simplicity is not necessarily minimalism, I work for clients with a maximalist style. I can intuitively feel and see what no longer belongs to a brand, house or person. Only keeping the good creates beautiful spaces, signature styles and brands, sometimes good is a lot, sometimes good is just a little bit, to be enough. The result of skipping “the shit” and keeping “the good” is the greatest reward, for me and my clients.’




In 2020 Anouk designed, renovated and decorated a 300 m2 historic building from a casco house into, a coffeetable book worthy, experience home.

 Anouk lives with her daughter Dot, cats Emy & Bibi and dog Moos. The home is embraced  for campaign shootings and PR events for fashion, lifestyle and interior brands.




September 2021 STUDIO ANOUKB will launch her first experience expo weekend.


– the flirt of life –


Our goal is that you will leave this event with a big smile and inspiration bomb.


Now, let me introduce you  to our natural paint brand.




An earth friendly paint in seven colors, made local. All colors, created by Anouk and the best team of paint makers, are based on travel memories: a wow moment, wow place or wow home. The structure of the paint lies in between paint and plaster, based on Anouk’s love for the inspiring holiday homes she enjoyed in her youth. WE ARE WOW MAKERS paint is an easy does it product, you do not need a professional applicator or plaster master to apply it, just grab an old jeans and Tee, a natural brush and paint. Do it with fun, love, random moves and a relaxed feel.



‘Paint from the heart.’ —