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STUDIO ANOUKB  is specialized in conceptual styling, brand stories and interior concepts. In addition to her work for clients Anouk was looking for an easy to apply wall texture with a natural stucco look. She created an innovative, affordable paint product. A stucco paint in 27 colours, inspired by sunshine on walls and barefoot living. The HOLIDAY STORIES colours, such as Mykonos, Palm Springs and Mallorca are the answer to the demand for an easy-to-apply stucco paint product with a look and feel between chalk paint, lime wash and stucco. With  WE ARE WOW MAKERS   I have created sunshine on walls, says Anouk. All you need to get the look is a block brush and WOWpaint. Easy does it!

Anouk approaches her works like a capsule wardrobe.

Timeless colours and qualities are the basis to which she adds colour, subtly – or as a bold statement, which can be seen both in her creative concepts and in the paint colours developed so far.



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