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Tulum, the sun bleached black to create the hottest, spiritual rooms with a magical vibe in your home. Combine with jungle inspired plants, rattan accessories and furniture in coconot shades to design the perfect laid back hideaway.

We Are Wow Makers is a natural paint with a structure in between paint and plaster.

Are you ready to paint your world of wow?

It’s timeless, yet modern, it’s ‘in Vogue.’

  • Materials

    Care for your walls
    Our paint will be touch dry in a short period, however it will take about two weeks before developing it’s full strength. Avoid kissing against the wall surface in this curing time. Our paint is natural and does not contain earth damaging chemicals. Stay wild.


    When to paint best?
    We are wow makers recommends the ideal temperature for painting to be 8–30 degrees Celsius. Brush brush baby!


    250ml sample pots are available for testing.

    How Colors will look like in your home, depends on the light and colors of your interior. Natural paint changes her color during the day, when she is kissed by sunlight she will show you more of her warm color tones. Grey light will make her look less warm. The ‘playing with light’ affect of natural paint is why we love it. It gives a room depth and character.


    Masonry and sealed surfaces: Approximately 5-7 m2 /litre/coat
    Recommendations for coverage are to be used as a guide only, variation in quantity needed will depend on the porosity of the surface to be painted.


    It is our recommendation that WE ARE WOW MAKERS paints are applied with a natural fibre brush.
    Naturel brushes cleans out in water, natural brushes are re-usable!
    Use a  drop sheet to protect your floors while dancing with your brush!
    Use masking tape, to tape up areas such as window frames.


    Characteristics of we are wow makers
    We are wow makers paint is about natural beauty
    Our paint is made from pigments and minerals
    You can paint yourself or feel free to book one of our wow makers to do the paint job. Water-based. Toxin free, nu fumes.


    We are wow makers paint is usable for
    – Plasterboard or previously painted walls.
    – Unsealed interior masonry surfaces such as brick or render or  plaster
    – Ceilings
    – Walls
    – Historic and modern interiors
    – Mud brick structures
    – Cement structures
    – Plaster board
    – Previously water based paint painted walls
    – Plaster
    – Natural stones
    – Cement structures

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